Let's celebrate! The new year is here!

The New Year is Here!

I’m a little late but hey, the new year is here! It is finally 2019! I’m so excited about this year and I honestly have no solid reason why! Before the year ended last year, I started thinking about what I wanted out of this year. A lot of the things I thought about are things I know I can’t do alone. This means I will have to rely on God to legit move mountains!

One thing I know for sure is, I have a role to play in whatever it is I’m expecting God to do. I have to be sure to do my part (cuz you know, faith without works is dead) so He can do His part. This doesn’t A lot of times I think to myself, well, what IS my part?!

My part is remaining faithful. This reminds me of a message I heard in church a few years ago. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before because, well, it’s what I think about a lot. When I’m not sure what my part is, I have to do what I know I should do. That’s spending time with God daily. It’s difficult for me to hear God speak if I don’t learn His voice. Spending time with God gives the opportunity to learn what His Word says so when discouraged, it’s easier to declare God’s word over my life. The only way to learn His voice is to spend time with Him.

Spending time in God’s house is also necessary. It’s a good place to be surrounded by people who are also striving to get to know God more. There are people in the church to encourage you, pray with you and worship with you. It’s also a great place to meet people to do life with! And most importantly, I have to remember to thank God for what he’s already done. No matter how big or small. I have to keep reminding myself of the time I was having a bad day and he held the rain off until I made it inside. You think that’s small? Sometimes that’s exactly what it takes: recognizing the small things and being thankful for those.

Anywho, last year was pretty dope! He blew my mind several times. Because of what he’s already done, I know this year will definitely top last year because GREATER IS COMING! I’m believing not only for me but for my friends! I’m believing for new jobs, first dates, boyfriends, husbands, homes, businesses, children, restored marriages, restored relationships, financial increase, fresh starts with Jesus, increase in confidence, self esteem! Whatever you’re believing God for this year, comment below and I’ll pray with you! Too personal for the comments, send me and email! Can’t wait to believe with you!

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