Happiness equals a Man?

Here lately so many people have been inquiring about my happiness. They are implying that I am happy because of a man. If one more person asks me this, I’ll scream! My happiness is no longer determined by the people around me. It comes from within. For a really long time, my emotions went up and down based on those around me. But now, I choose to be happy. I wake up most days tired, with a headache, wishing I could stay in my pajamas and lounge around all day. And not even that determines how big my smile gets! (and it can get really big!)

Smile big!
See! Big, huge, happy smile!

Happiness is being content with where you are regardless of the happenings around you. For me, it’s choosing to have a good day when everything around me is falling apart. Or completely stressful. Or both! This morning during my time with Jesus, I read Philippians 4:11-13. Paul is talking about how he’s learned to be content with whatever he has. He knows what it’s like to live on almost nothing or with everything. In reading that, I thought about people’s perception of me lately. I can relate to Paul. In so many ways.

Thinking back over these past few years, I’ve overcome some pretty significant challenges. Just the thought of how far I’ve come makes my heart smile. I’m now realizing how God’s hand was all over my life. Yes, I knew then He was walking with me; I felt Him. I just didn’t understand why I had to endure those things. If you’re waiting for me to talk about those “things,” you’ll have to stay tuned. That post is in the making! (hehehe)

Just know that the sun has to shine after the storm. It doesn’t matter how long the storm lasts, the sun will eventually come out. I’m walking in my sunshine now. But in the process, I had to learn to be content. I had to learn to be happy in whatever space I’m in.

So yes, there is a man. He’s the same One that’s been wanting me to see the positive in the struggle. He’s the One who carried me when I couldn’t take the next step. The One who pruned me and prepared me for the season I’m in now. He encouraged me when I couldn’t encourage myself. Same One who loves me when I’m unlovable. He’s seen me and supported me during my highs and lows. He’s the One who sings over me. And the One who celebrates me every step of the way. When there’s a man like that in your corner, wouldn’t you be happy too?

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