God is Showing OUT!

It’s been ages, seems like, since I’ve actually written and published a post! However, God is showing OUT right now and I need to share!

Earlier this year, during our 21 days of Prayer and Fasting, I told God I wanted to go on a mission trip this year. Because I’m OBSESSED with Uganda from that ONE time I went TWO years ago, I knew I would have chosen to go back. So, to get out of my way and allow God to send me where he wanted me, I prayed for him to choose the location.

Therefore, on mission interest night, (the night my church hosts to give details about the missions trips), when all the trips were moving along the slides. I was excited about several. I had no clue how God was gonna show me the trip because my excited level was “4 year old.” But, when the Philippines trip was shown, I got this tingly weird feeling I can’t fully explain. So right there, sitting in my seat, I whisper, “God, this one? Are you sure?”

Of course, in typical Tarekia fashion, I google “Philippines Food.” My stomach dropped. The first thing google showed me was meat. All kinds of questionable meat. So again, “God, is THIS the trip?! What am I gonna eat?!” I wish I could show you all of my facial expressions. The last one, sort of acceptance looked like this….

However, I DID ask Daddy Jesus to send me where He wanted me to go but I was NOT thrilled with the answer I got. So, during my stubborn phase, I didn’t tell a soul I was going to the Philippines. Not one. I wasn’t sure I was going or wanted to go myself. But knew I had to be obedient because after all, I asked for it.

As time passed, a slight hint of excitement occurred so I started telling people. My friends were like, “I didn’t know you were going on a trip.” My reply, “I didn’t tell you?! I thought I did.” And honestly, I thought I did. But I guess I was so “unthrilled,” I didn’t tell anyone and only had these conversations in my head.

At this point, it was time to start fundraising so a friend of mine suggested I meal prep. (Note: this suggestion didn’t fall out the sky. It was from a previous conversation with Jesus.) So, here I am, with a dilemma. I’m vegan. I want to meal prep but I only want to meal prep vegan food. We are in the SOUF! That is to say, folks I know, ain’t even tryna eat no vegan food. AT ALL! (Yes, that sentence is formed exactly the way I want it to be, problem?)

In the meantime, I start the meal prep process and I chop my finger off. Okay, okay, not completely but close. I should have gotten discouraged but I was still a prepping with one and a half hands. I KNEW God had a plan for me and that “sneaky snake” (as Jasiah calls him) tried to interfere. During this time, the amount of grace given was amazing. It was bananas! There were times I wouldn’t feel the pain until I finished all my meals. Or times when I was exhausted and physically drained but I prayed and I was reenergized and strengthened.

Fast forward, we start our 21 days of prayer on August 8. Before we started, I told God what I was believing for during this time. Of course, I wanted to be fully funded by the end of August so I could focus on preparing myself spiritually for my trip. I needed a little over $1,000 when prayer started. When I tell you I was completed funded 6 days into prayer! SIX DAYS! I didn’t even make it to the middle or end of August! *runs around this room* Jesus!!!!

That’s not even the best part. On August 20, I received an email from our team lead with details about the trip. So, I’m reading and reading and reading:

“The school leadership has been dreaming of a new kitchen to prepare the food in a much better environment. The funds you’ve sent will go towards building this kitchen and this will be one of the ways you can engage/work/etc….. The ladies are looking forward to some help in preparing the food for the kids and in distributing the food.”

Did you catch that?! We will be assisting with meal prep in the Philippines to help provide food to students in a school setting!!! When I tell you God is in the details. He cares about EVERY single thing you care about. He doesn’t forget and he orders your steps along the way.

This is a trip he revealed to me! I wasn’t excited about this trip, initially. But he remembered another conversation I had with him. He remembered the vision I wrote on my vision board last year before I even asked about a mission trip! If yall ain’t screaming (or at least smiling) while reading this, send me a message so I can pray God answers the prayers you haven’t spoken to anyone so you can feel what I feel typing this!!!! Ayyyyyyyeeeee!!!

If you’re interested in supporting my team, we are still $7,300.73 away from every team member being completely funded! Here’s the link to donate: Team Philippines.

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  1. Tarekia, when I say I am so proud and happy for you!! God continually is moving in your life. Continue to be patient (hard thing for you) and allow God to show you your purpose through this walk. Love you girlie💕💕

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