Father's Love: Olivia and Eli Pope

Scandal Ended; A Father’s Love Doesn’t

Scandal has ended. Forever! This makes me sad! However, in watching the show’s finale, I couldn’t help but think about the relationship between Eli Pope and Olivia. He demonstrated, throughout the show, a father’s love for his child. Eli’s love for Olivia, his daughter, was the underlying reason for all of his decisions. Although he wasn’t too thrilled with the decisions Olivia was making, he always came to her rescue.

Eli Pope, also known as Command, loved his daughter! She was the apple of his eye. His heart in human form. The only thing he got right out of the relationship with Maya Lewis, her mom. Olivia was Eli Pope’s pride and joy. It didn’t matter how old she was, she would always be his little girl.

If you’ve ever watched Scandal you know there were several times Olivia disappointed her father. However, his love never stopped. Olivia did the opposite of what Eli suggested but he still loved her. She even put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger! She wanted him dead! He was hurt. Heartbroken. But that didn’t change the fact that she was his daughter. Underneath it all, he loved her.

Sometimes their relationship was questionable. There were times I wondered if he would ever turn on her. Thinking about all she’d done, he had valid reasons to but he never did. However, he allowed her to dig her own grave. He allowed her to make the decisions she thought were best for her. Never forcing her to do what he knew was best. He’d always show utter disappointment but he allowed her the space the make her own choices. And he still loved her the same.

In many instances, since he was Command, he could have prevented things from happening to her. He could have easily stopped her in her tracks. Forced her to do what was best for her. He could have created the life he wanted for her. But he didn’t. He allowed her freedom to do whatever her heart desired and whatever she thought was best.

There was even a time when Jake, one of Command’s agents, wanted to get rid of Olivia and mentioned it to Command. In that moment, Eli politely reminded Jake that Olivia was still his daughter. End of discussion. Just in case Jake had forgotten. Eli wanted Jake to know there was nothing Olivia could do to change that fact. She was his daughter. Period. Olivia may not have been in good standing with her dad but she was still his beloved.

2 Corinthians 6:18 NLT
God has adopted us into His family and chose to show us a father’s love.

Thinking back over their relationship made me do some thinking. There were times I chose not to listen. Times when I was mad and angry. Or I went against what I knew was right. I did what I wanted to do. There were things I did that caused me to believe I’d damaged the relationship. I wondered if He would turn on me but He never did. Why? Because I’m God’s daughter. He sacrificed His son for a relationship with me (John 3:16). He adopted me into His family (2 Corinthians 6:18 and Ephesians 1:5).

Ephesians 1:5 NLT
God made the ultimate sacrifice on the cross, solidifying His desire to have a father-child relationship with us.

Daddy God has always been the Father I needed and regardless of the mistakes I made, He has loved me just the same. It didn’t matter that I did the opposite of what I knew He said. His love didn’t change. Even though I got angry with Him and disregarded His role in my life, his love didn’t change. When I turned on Him and went down a path of destruction, His love didn’t change. And just like Eli, God has had to tell Satan, “She’s still my daughter,” to remind him who He is.

Similar to Eli’s love, God doesn’t allow bad things to happen to me. He could most definitely stop them but I’m glad He doesn’t. Sounds odd right?! In hindsight, the bad things have built my character. They caused me to persevere. Given me patience during the struggle. They’ve strengthened me and allowed me to see how God works all things for my good. And the best of all, they’ve given me the opportunity to share my testimony with you. To tell you of God’s glory and His love for His children.

Over the years, I’ve learned it’s much easier to see God in terms of relationships. It isn’t always easy. It’s sometimes more challenging to see Him this way because my earthly relationships aren’t always the best. But when I’m able to see Him as a Father, I’m better able to fully understand His love, care and concern for me. Seeing Him this way makes it much easier to nurture the relationship. Every child needs a father. I chose to allow Him to be mine. Allow Him to be yours. Open your heart and give Him the opportunity to shower you with His love. He’s faithful. He never fails.


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  1. This is awesome, T! Thank you for the well-written reminder that God’s love for us will never change and that His track record is solid gold. There isn’t a love on the planet that could match the love for His children and I am glad we get to be counted in that number.

    Grace & Peace,


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