To Blog or not to Blog…

Hey friends! It’s me, Tarekia. It’s pronounced tuh-re-key-yuh. I’ve been starting a blog for a really long time but never actually started. I kept talking myself out of it, you know, because no one wanted to hear what I have to say. Or I’m super boring, I don’t have anything to blog about. Fortunately, I have one friend in particular who wouldn’t let me go there, despite it being a 3 year journey. She won’t let me forget about it, bringing it up in random conversations, encouraging me to get started. Shout out to Raven for not allowing me to indefinitely sweep this under the rug. Everyone should have a Raven in their life. I wouldn’t be writing this if it weren’t for you. Thanks for being super dope and super patient! Check her out at She’s a true Fabbie!

Ok so finally, I had the courage to start BUT I didn’t know what my angle would be. My thoughts are always all over the place. I get so distracted by the randomness in my head and sometimes forget to bring it back around to the original thought. Like now, I’m struggling to focus on writing because I want to look up different ways I can eat avocados.I LOVE avocados and I want to eat them with everything! Smoothies, burritos, chips, cucumbers, taco bowls, guacamole. You name it!! They are the best and so delicious!

See, now where was I?! Oh yeah, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about. I knew there had to be some sort of theme. So here I was again, at a dead end because I didn’t know what to say. And if I am completely honest, I was afraid to share parts of me with the world. It’s kinda intimidating to think about sharing bits and pieces of my world with cyberspace. I mean, social media is different because posts can only be so long (kinda) but a blog is almost endless. I don’t necessarily have to keep it THAT short. (Scary right?!)

Then it hit me, in all places at a college homecoming where I visited for the first time since 2009. I didn’t want to go (that’s a post for another day), but I’m so glad I did. While there I ran into one of my secretly favorite humans and he made a comment that stuck with me. To sum it up, he commented about seeing all my “Holy” posts but he knows “she’s” still in there. (Shout out to JHud!) I wasn’t sure if his statement was a compliment or what. I was legit puzzled. So typical me, I laughed it off.

BUT, to know me is to know I didn’t just let it go. I pondered on his statement and was reminded of the “she” I allowed him to see in undergrad. Who I allowed many people to see. A super feisty “Memphis chick” with a slick mouth. So basically, he was saying he knew my feistiness was still there. And he’s right. It is.

Then the light bulb went off! That’s a great angle for my blog!! I’m a tad bit feisty, Jesus loving, church going, God serving, mom of a now 4 year old boy named Jasiah. I’ve experienced a lot and because of those experiences I know God is real and I choose to live my life for Him. So yes, “she’s still there but I make the daily (sometimes hourly) choice to lay down my cross, check my feisty and follow Him.

Maybe you find yourself today with a personality trait from your past that was carried over into your new life with Christ. People like JHud on the outside see your new life portrayed through posts and perceive them as “Holy,” when they know the old you. Well guess what, you still carry your same DNA after being saved. Yes, there are some transformations but your personality is still there. It then becomes about a choice.

So there you have it, my blog was born through people believing in me, encouraging me and reminding me of where I came from. So here I am, sharing pieces of me with you! So, sit back, relax and journey through life with me. I’ll share some of my toughest moments, hilariously funny moments with my kiddo (he’s great entertainment), life’s biggest lessons, heartache, heartbreak and everything else in between. But I won’t journey without telling you how God’s hand was over all of it. After all, I am a Jesus girl with a splash of feisty!

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14 Replies to “To Blog or not to Blog…”

  1. This is awesome!! Now if and when I decide to finish what I started I can call you for help. Look at God. So proud of you and what better day than to release this on your birthday! Pray God gives you all the desires of your heart. Love you

  2. Tarekia, all I can say is that you are truly amazing and I thank God for sending you my way and bringing you into my life. I find comfort in talking to you believing in you and finding a friend in you. Releasing this blog on your birthday was another successful part of your amazing life that bring so much joy to someone eles life that need that bit of inspiration.. You are a wonderful mom and Jasiah is an amazing part of you.. I love your Blog it was awesome just like you and I was super glad to read it..KEEP UP THE FABULOUS WORK AND CONTINUE BLESSING US AND BLESSING ME WITH ALL YOUR INSPIRATIONS..
    Love You!!

  3. Well alright now. I felt allll of what you are saying abt ppl recalling the old you and having to constantly remember to lay down your cross. So my prayer for you is the same as my own…May God bless you with his characteristics…his thoughts, his speech, his walk and ALL the fruits of his Holy Spirit! Look at God working in your life! Only up from here girl!

  4. Awesome blog Coco. To blog or not to blog can be a daunting decision. I’m glad you followed your heart and stepped out on faith. The content on your “home” and “about me”page is down to earth, compelling and reads with authenticity. I would subscribe even if you weren’t my cousin. It’s inspiring when people can reveal they don’t have it all together, they are still a work in progress, their heart and strongholds. There is nothing like a woman who loves the lord, but don’t mess with her, cause he ain’t done with her yet.
    You inspire Me!
    Love u cousin and good job!
    Davida Marie

  5. I’m so glad you have decided to share your story!! I know a lot of times people always think things only happen to them, this is a wonderful thing you are doing for everyone! Selfless I love it!! 😍😍😍

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